Love sexy clothes and body shapewear

Who doesn’t love Shark Week? . cheap sexy clothes Take a bite out of our Shark Week fashion finds if you want to celebrate in style. You’re sure to create quite a splash! SHOP.Most people have a fear of sharks, (or are at least quite uneasy about them), and yet almost everyone is crazy about Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week. This year the highly anticipated week kicks off on August 4, so get ready to dive right in! From statement accessories to stylish clothes and so much more, there’s so many ways to get in the theme and dress the part without even getting in the water!

Shark Week Fashion:Not all sharks are bad sharks! In fact Bruce, the “fish are friends, not food” character in Finding Nemo, proved that point perfectly. Although we don’t suggest inviting one into your home for the occasion, you can still sink your teeth into these stylish finds if you want to celebrate and our options range from subtle shark lover to serious shark enthusiast.

Shark Week If you want to participate in Shark Week but don’t want to go all out, then we suggest layering on shark-inspired jewels. An understated necklace or ring will drive the point home without causing too much of a frenzy. Accessorizing is the easiest way to embrace the trend without looking like you have been waiting all year for August 4 to roll around, (although there’s nothing wrong with that!). If you aren’t a big fan of jewelry, a chic clutch can do the trick.

If  you want to go all-out for Shark Week then you’ve got plenty of options for you, too. From a jaws-lined Sharkini’ to a bodycon shark dress and even sharks on shoes, the options are endless and not to mention impossibly chic! Let’s not forget the collection that Riccardo Tisci really took a bite out of over at Givenchy for Fall 2012. Who knew these perilous creatures would wind up out of water and right on the runway?

Since sharks seem to be all the rage these days, you can easily rock our fashion favorites once the week is long gone. Simply browse our picks and get ready to make a splash with your Shark Week fashion finds!

Be known as a Super Bowl clothes

Tom Brady is known as a Super Bowl champion, plus size shapewear a legendary quarterback and part of Deflate-Gate.’ But, after his emails reportedly show him freaking out over pool covers and fussing over clothes, the New England Patriots star might now be considereda diva!Tom Brady, 38, has been having a rough time. The New England Patriots quarterback still has to serve his 4-game suspension for his role in “Deflate-Gate,” and now, his emails paint him to be somewhat of a diva! Messages connected to the cheating scandalreveal Tom losing it over pool covers and making demands for high-end clothing!

Tomrsquo;s emails surfaced in a 457-page document  submitted to a federal court on Aug. 4, reports the Daily Mail. Tomrsquo;s emails were handed over in part of the “Deflate-Gate” investigation. What they turned up was not evidence of cheating, but hisrock star attitude.

In Oct. 2014, Tom  complained to his manager about the color of an $8,500 winter pool cover. “What kind of morons donrsquo;t have a white cover? Can we check with another company?rdquo; Tom wrote, according to Page Six. “These f**king idiots, why donrsquo;t we have that same cover for the year-round cover?” Eventually, Tomrsquo;s wife, Gisele Bundchen, ordered a grey cover for their pool.

Also in Oct., Tom reportedly  reached out to a Tom Ford executive to see if she had the latest fashions, asking ldquo;if there was anything new to show me or any updates on the polos with the rugby fabric. Also, do you have any black sneakers in the high top in my size or any suit fabrics.”

While it’s not clear Tom wanted the clothes for free, he allegedly came off a bit stingy with his time. When Francesco Aquilini, owner of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team, asked Tom to attend a dinner in Feb. 2015, Tom reportedly said he would go for a price. “I do have one request. I am starting a foundation,” Tom reportedly wrote, adding that the organization was “to educate all athletes on sustained peak performance.”

Take Our PollHuh. Tom will have plenty of time to think about his email etiquette as he sits out the first four gamesof the 2015 NFL season. The NFL upheld his suspension over his “general awareness” of the ball-deflating cheating scandal. Tom still plans to fight the suspension, as HollywoodLife had the EXCLUSIVE on the Patriotsrsquo; quarterback plan to clear his name.

The Lingerie Shop’s Be Mine brand

You need sexy lingerie? Shapewear,? Basic wear to work underwear or everyday sleepwear? You don’t know where to go and even if you did, you don’t feel like going there alone? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then The Lingerie Shop is for you.

he Lingerie Shop is changing the cultural attitudes towards shopping for women’s lingerie in India. A one stop shop, covering a range of all categories, The Lingerie Shop has you covered with its in house brands. Here you can find everything you need – from office wear to boudoir, sleepwear to resort wear. Their motto – convenience to the consumer and quality, and a minimum acceptance quality level of 4.0.

In an exclusive conversation with Indiaretailing’s Gurbir Singh Gulati, Founder, The Lingerie Shop, Radhika Goenka, talks about why she decided to venture into the Indian innerwear space and her expansion plans.

Basically it started off two years ago. I’ve been wanting to do something in the apparel sector for the last five years and this is something that appealed to me and took off. I feel that lingerie is a very important product for the Indian consumer of today and it’s presence in the market is low, it’s not easily available and when it is, there is not much variety. So, this is what I want to focus on and change.

I want to ensure that Indians change the way they look at lingerie. I want the brands to be approachable. I want the brands to be functional, yet with a fun factor to it. Also, quality is very important to us as is the international customer and so we have approached the same manufacturer as Marks Spencer. What we have created is an honest brand with the sole purpose of delivering style and comfort to every woman.

We launched the Be Mine brand with our first collection. It has around 59 styles at the moment and we are looking at adding another 60 styles by the end of this year. Simultaneously, we have our next sub brand – Hello Sugar – launching in August.

I want Be Mine to be a consumer friendly product and that is why I want to have a lot of stores. There are plenty of stores selling lingerie but consumers are not comfortable buying from these shops. We want to change the way the consumer thinks and break that social taboo in India. We are bringing to the Indian consumer, a product which is premium but keeping Indian sensitivities in mind.

Hello Sugar has got to more with sleepwear. It does includes staples of lingerie – bras and panties – but focuses more on baby dolls and teddies. Be Mine on the other hand is focused more on shape wear. So all our brands cater to a specific category.

The idea is the waist cincher corset keep delivering newer experiences to the customers and keep innovating with your products. We have six sub brands under the The Lingerie Shop and we will be unveiling every collection in due course of time

Peeping and stealing women’s clothing


Weng Yixiang, 25, waist cincher corset allegedly used criminal force to outrage the modesty of a woman in her 20s at National University of Singapore (NUS) on April 20, 2017.

He is also accused of criminal trespass into a female toilet at an NUS hostel with intent to commit the offence of insulting modesty.

This happened in the early hours of Nov 25, 2015 when he allegedly looked over a toilet cubicle partition to peep at a woman using the toilet.

He is also alleged to have misappropriated an assortment of items such as women’s underwear, two boxes of bras, two night gowns, five leggings, 11 swimming costumes, 31 ladies shorts, 26 skirts, 51 dresses and 67 tops belonging to unknown women between Jan 11 and Nov 25, 2015.

The prosecution applied for Weng to be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he suffers from any mental illness, and if there is any causal link to his alleged offences, as well as his risk of re offending.


Nordstrom Is Collecting Clothing Donations

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Fashion and environmentalism aren’t perfectly compatible — even Patagonia admits that — but in recent years, retailers have started showing an increased interest in the afterlife of the clothing you buy from them, with big names like Madewell and H&M operating clothing recycling programs. Now Nordstrom is launching a clothing donation program, billed as a way of encouraging customers to keep their stuff out of landfills.

Nordstrom has partnered with Give Back Box, a company that sends donations to local charities like Goodwill. The process is pretty easy: You take a box, put your gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories in it, slap on a prepaid label, and drop it off at a UPS or USPS.

At the same time, Nordstrom is piloting an in-store donation program at six locations in Washington state where shoppers can just drop their unwanted clothing in Goodwill bins. On Thursday, the Nordstrom stores at Bellevue Square, Northgate Mall, Alderwood Mall, Southcenter Square, Tacoma Mall, and in downtown Seattle will start accepting donations.

Execs at the department store aren’t sure how long they’ll continue this initiative, nor have they decided whether to expand IRL donations to other stores.

“We’re really looking to our customers to guide us here,” writes co-president Erik Nordstrom in an email. “We want to see how they respond and whether they think this is a service we should continue offering.”

Nordstrom says that the clothing donation program was inspired in the first place by feedback from shoppers who were looking for a more environmentally friendly way to clean out their closets. (Reselling can be… a challenge.) Customer feedback is also the reason why Nordstrom is trying to work more sustainability oriented brands into its assortment. Everlane, which has made manufacturing transparency a big part of its identity, recently turned to Nordstrom to hold a pop-up shop, its first wholesale partnership.

In 2014, Nordstrom ran a similar program with Fashion Project, a secondhand clothing marketplace that forwarded a portion of the profits from each sale to charities. For every five pieces of clothing a person donated to Fashion Project, they would receive a $40 gift card to Nordstrom. (Fashion Project has since shut down its own operations and folded into Union & Fifth, another reselling site that benefits nonprofits.)

As far as environmentally and socially minded initiatives go, working with Give Back Box seems to be a pretty straightforward deal for retailers. The organization also works with brands like REI, Amazon, Loft, and Levi’s on virtually identical programs.

Arm-Tights: So einfach zaubern wir uns jetzt schlanke Arme!

Dich nervt dein überflüssiges Armfett und du möchtest es am liebsten ständig mit weiten Oversize-Pullis verstecken? Jetzt ist Schluss damit, denn dieses neue Kleidungsstück schummelt dir sofort schlanke Arme und sieht dabei auch noch richtig gut aus!

Fast jede Frau kämpft mit dem leicht hängenden Gewebe an den Oberarmen und möchte dies am liebsten dauerhaft verstecken. Jetzt hat die Marke Spanx die perfekte Lösung auf den Markt gebracht: Arm Tights! Die eng anliegenden, aber dennoch super bequemen Oberteile ziehen wir besonders jetzt im Herbst den normalen Longsleeves eindeutig vor. Die Marke, die sonst für Shapewear aller Art bekannst ist, zaubert uns Frauen mit unseren kleinen Problemzönchen an den Armen ein Lächeln ins Gesicht.

Die Arm Tights von Spanx schummeln nicht nur unser nerviges Armfett weg, sondern lassen sich auch richtig modisch kombinieren. Besonders jetzt, wenn die kalte Jahreszeit vor der Tür steht, sollte das neue Trend-Teil in keinem Kleiderschrank fehlen. Denn mit diesem lässt sich dein Lieblings-Sommeroutfit sofort in einen stylischen Herbst-Look verwandeln.

Das bequeme und gleichzeitig super praktische Longsleeve von Spanx ist in zehn verschiedenen Farben erhältlich. Vom fröhlichen Pink bis hin zum klassisch eleganten Schwarz, bei dieser Auswahl ist wirklich für jeden Farbtyp etwas dabei. Außerdem lassen sich die Arm Tights zu fast jedem Look optimal kombinieren: Ob unter einem lässigen T-Shirt oder einem schicken Kleid, das Trend-Oberteil zaubert dir zu jedem Anlass schöne Arme, die sich auf jeden Fall sehen lassen können!

Derzeit sind swaist cincher corset die stylischen Arm Tights leider nur auf der offiziellen Website der Modemarke Spanx erhältlich. Für umgerechnet 25 Euro pro Oberteil ist das Trend-Kleidungsstück aber auf jeden Fall eine Investition wert. So steht dir dein nerviges Armfett gewiss bei keinem Outfit mehr im Weg und du kannst dich rundum wohlfühlen!